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Inlink operate Australia’s largest and fastest growing digital media networks in office towers, CBD cafes, fitness centres and airport lounges. Our digital screens deliver real-time news, information and advertising content to an audience of millions of business professionals as they go about their daily lives.

Delivering a CBD professional audience

  • 25-54 age bracket, white-collar workers in Australian metro areas
  • majority high-income earning, highly-educated groups
  • busy and on-the-go, they are light viewers of traditional media

Inlink capture this affluent audience across multiple environments including; Office, Carpark, Café, Fitness & Lounge, while engaging them via products such as Digital Displays, Experience, Wifi, Mobile. To discover how our Audience Insights can provide a deeper understanding of the affluent consumer, contact Inlink.


The city life journey

From starting out in the Fitness Centre, or straight to the Office via the Cafe. Whether heading to and from meetings, grabbing coffee in between, or heading off to the airport to relax in the lounge before a business flight – Inlink can speak to this audience at multiple times throughout their day.

Inlink’s networks are strategically created to achieve the ultimate in audience engagement and media cut-through.


Inlink’s presence in these premium environments in the form of Digital Displays, Experience Opportunities, and Mobile & Wi-Fi sponsorship allows a direct connection for advertisers to speak to the CBD Professional.

By utilising highly-engaging links to our audience in captive environments with extended dwell times, Inlink creates Captive Moments.


A library of case studies are available across a wide range of categories. Contact Inlink for more information on the below and more. View all case studies


About Inlink

We are Australia’s largest and fastest growing Out-of-Home media company. We deliver an audience of CBD Professionals in Captive Moments throughout their daily lives. We are a team of media professionals that are passionate about creating the future of Out-of-Home media and we are backed by high profile private equity investors.

  • Creating high impact captive moments

    Captive Moments are unique, short dwell time spaces where the audience is actively interested, and the message is not fighting for attention.

  • Unrivalled scale, flexibility and accountability

    We have a flexible digital broadcast platform delivering campaigns that are localised, packaged or configured across environments and engagement points.